The gold standard in PCR diagnostics

On the front lines of Canadian healthcare

Seegene Canada, based in Toronto, Ontario, provides hospitals, universities, and medical labs across Canada with automated diagnostic instruments, platforms, and solutions. Seegene Canada understands that the health of Canadians is enhanced when physical health information is translated into personalized digital data.

About Seegene

  • Seegene Canada has become one of the most important medical technology companies in the country, providing up to 40% of all COVID-19 PCR tests during the pandemic
  • Seegene’s diagnostic platform is customizable and identifies multiple targets using a single sample
  • Seegene’s proprietary technologies identify and generate data about infectious diseases, DNA genetic markers, and even cancers

Latest news

A new study shows that the less-invasive saliva test for COVID-19 gives just as accurate results as those of the nasopharyngeal specimen. A research team at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Kangwon National University School of Medicine, led by…
Seegene launches new multiplex PCR test capable of screening six SARS-CoV-2 variants including the Delta and Delta Plus variants attributable for a recent surge in global COVID-19 cases. The new CE-IVD marked variants detection kit to differentiate 10 major COVID-19…
Seegene announces partnership with Bio-Rad for the development and commercialization of infectious disease molecular diagnostic products Diagnostic tests designed for the pandemic and the post-pandemic era with high multiplex technology A significant step forward for Seegene in expanding its business…

Tomorrow's technology, today

Seegene’s “All in One” platform is a unique, customizable, and optimized automation solution for performing a wide range of molecular diagnostic tests – including multiple target PCR testing – in the areas of infectious diseases, women’s health, and personalized medicine. ​

Our healthcare partners

“Thanks to Seegene Canada, laboratories like ours have been able to step up and meet the testing demands necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Dr. Marc Desjardins, Lead Microbiologist
Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratories

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