transforming technology

Seegene’s integrated and proprietary technologies offer molecular diagnostic solutions capable of identifying and generating data about infectious diseases, DNA genetic markers, and even cancers.

An all-in-one platform

Seegene’s “All in One” platform is a unique, customizable, and optimized automation solution for performing a wide range of molecular diagnostic tests including multiple target PCR testing in the areas of infectious diseases, women’s health, and personalized medicine. ​

Groundbreaking products

Seegene’s core enabling technologies including DPO™, TOCE™ and MuDT™ provide the foundation for tests that can simultaneously detect multiple targets with high sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility. Seegene’s products detect multiple pathogens with great reliability and throughput, saving time, labour and cost.

MuDT™ Technology

Multiple target real-time analysis

MuDT™ is the world’s first real-time PCR technology that provides individual Ct values for multiple targets in a single channel, without melting curve analysis. Noting a change of the fluorescence signals between two different detection temperatures, MuDT provides the real Ct value of each pathogen, even in cases of co-infection. MuDT™ technology, combined with DPO™ & TOCE™, delivers comprehensive and actionable diagnostics which can translate into improved patient care and reduced healthcare costs.

TOCE™ Technology

Multiple target detection

The new paradigm in high multiplex real-time PCR testing, TOCE™ technology enables the confirmation of multiple (five or more) target genes and variations at the same time. TOCE is an elegant oligonucleotide chemistry solution that, through unique signal generation and melting temperature analysis, fully exploits the potential of real-time PCR in high multiplex analysis. TOCE makes it possible to detect and differentiate multiple targets in a single tube and can provide quantitative results by cyclic-CMTA analysis.

DPO™ Technology

Multiple target amplification

DPO™ is an innovative multiple-target amplification technology that enhances target specificity and minimizes the non-specific amplification that commonly occurs in multiplex PCR. DPO redefines high-multiplex PCR by enabling the detection of many targets in a single tube and is well-suited for high multiplex real-time PCR technology. DPO primer prevents false-positive signals, and so provides unparalleled specificity in high-multiplex PCR.

Stopping COVID-19 in its tracks

Seegene’s competitors’ PCR tests identify only one target at a time, and so fall short as a solution to current requirements, given today’s massive testing demands and the need to identify multiple genetic variations as quickly as possible.

Seegene’s latest multiplex COVID-19 variant tests significantly boost testing capacity so governments and private diagnostic labs can continue to respond to COVID-19. In addition to Canadian diagnostic lab settings, this new test is ideal for use at pharmacies, airports, and border crossings, where identifying new virus variants is a top priority.

Due to their ability to identify multiple targets at once, Seegene’s multiplex PCR tests are uniquely effective and efficient. For example, Seegene’s “Allplex™ SARS-CoV-2/FluA/FluB/RSV Assay” offers a true advantage over other tests by being able to detect COVID-19 — as well as flu and respiratory — viruses using a single test.

“Seegene’s new COVID-19 test technology can pre-screen suspicious new variants, providing insight and data about additional variations as they emerge. Using Seegene’s proprietary big data auto-surveillance system, the company is able to monitor and analyze global databases for COVID-19 variants, allowing Seegene to respond quickly with product development and gold-standard tests that again raise the bar for PCR-based diagnostics.”

James Yantzi, President
Seegene Canada

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