Changing the Course of COVID-19 in Canada

Seegene’s competitors’ PCR tests identify only one COVID-19 variant at a time, and so fall short as a solution to current requirements, given today’s massive testing demands and the need to identify multiple COVID-19 variants as quickly as possible.

Seegene’s latest multiplex COVID-19 variant test significantly boosts testing capacity so governments and health authorities can continue to respond to COVID-19 virus variants. In addition to Canadian diagnostic lab settings, this new test is ideal for use at airports and border crossings, where identifying new virus variants is a top priority.

Due to their ability to identify multiple targets at once, Seegene’s multiplex PCR tests are uniquely effective and efficient. Seegene’s “Allplex™ SARS-CoV-2 Variants 1 Assay” offers a true advantage over other tests by not only detecting COVID-19, but also identifying, in the same test, the major genetic variations that have emerged out of the UK, South Africa, and Brazil.

“Seegene’s new COVID-19 test technology can pre-screen suspicious new variants, providing insight and data about additional variations as they emerge,” explains James Yantzi, President of Seegene Canada. “Using Seegene’s proprietary big data auto-surveillance system, the company is able to monitor and analyze global databases for COVID-19 variants, allowing Seegene to respond quickly with product development and gold-standard tests that again raise the bar for PCR-based diagnostics.”

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